VCM (Vulnerability and Compliance Management)

Vulnerability Management
as a Service

The Challenge

As online attacks become more sophisticated and successful, and regulatory obligations continually increase, organizations are faced with the challenge of reducing the attack surface of their IT environment that hackers can exploit as well as achieving policy compliance. Vulnerability and Compliance Management

In order to mitigate the risk of your estate being hacked, your organization needs a vulnerability management and policy compliance solution that covers all kinds of assets, go beyond the traditional vulnerabilities scanners by having the ability to show how likely the asset would be exploited, indicate compromised assets for quick reaction, and have the capability to prioritize the remediation process to reduce the attack surface from exploitation. Vulnerability and Compliance Management

The Solution

CIPHER leverages BLOCKBIT VCM (Vulnerability & Compliance Management) technology to perform accurate internal and external scans across your IT estate such as network devices, servers, web applications, databases and other assets in your environment, with different levels of service available depending on the needs of your organization. The combination of CIPHER’s managed security services with BLOCKBIT VCM’s innovative technology arms you with the best-in-class vulnerability and compliance management solution. BLOCKBIT VCM provides a comprehensive, scalable security and risk assessment solution to manage and monitor configuration changes, patches, vulnerabilities, hardening and policy compliance of IT assets, devices and applications, with interactive dashboards and easy-to-generated reports, operated by certified vulnerability management experts to ensure your results are truly actionable without false positives.  VCM as a Service reduces costs from IT operations by automating the assessment processes through a structured distributed deployment, thus lowering resource needs.


Get a full security solution with CIPHER’s certified services using BLOCKBIT VCM technology.

User friendly

A complete solution with interactive dashboards and easy-to-generate reports.

Cost efficient

Automate assessment processes and lower IT resources costs with our complete solution.

threats defended per month

managed security assets

events monitored per day

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