Threat Protection
as a Service

The Challenge

With the increasing complexity and sophistication of the cyber attacks targeting not only enterprises but also small/medium size organizations have created a need for an advanced threat protection solution. You need to protect your organization from cyber attacks, and at the same time, rely on a solution that is easy to manage, scalable and cost-efficient.

You also need the expert support to ensure your security solution is working properly and customized to fit your business needs.

The Solution

CIPHER leverages BLOCKBIT technology offering you the latest solution in advanced threat protection as a service. Our services include sophisticated security technologies and the latest threat intelligence providing detection and protection against zero-day and targeted attacks, including advanced malware (trojan, virus, worm), APT (Advanced Persistent Threats) and malicious callbacks. It is a powerful all-inclusive Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) service that combines people, process, and technology via an affordable subscription model. The program allows you to have an active threat protection program up and running quickly while minimizing costs and maximizing security. The program has flexible deployment options: appliance and virtual appliance. The solution is delivered as an on-premise service monitored and managed by a team of highly skilled and certified security experts through CIPHER’s state-of-the-art 24x7x365 Security Operations Centers (SOCs). Our services are backed by CIPHER Intelligence, our best-in-class laboratory for conducting advanced threat and cyber-attack analysis – with a database of over fifty million dynamic signatures.

Best-In-Class Solution

CIPHER’s Threat Protection as a Service combines people, process, and the best technology via an affordable subscription model.

Around-The-Clock Protection

CIPHER monitors your threats utilizing our 24x7x365 certified Security Operations Centers.

Cost Efficient

Automate threat protection processes while lowering IT resources costs with our complete solution.

threats defended per month

managed security assets

events monitored per day

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