Email Security
as a Service

The Challenge

Corporate email is a critical means of communication for your company, and a conduit for malicious code to propagate within your network. The potential for the destruction and release of information, or the disruption of a network, severely impacts productivity and can lead to financial loss. Protecting your corporate emails and email server is the first step of ensuring a secure environment. Firewall Service

You need to make sure you receive emails from reliable sources, filter malicious content and block the cyber-threats, while providing secure email access to your employees based on internal corporate policies. You need a next generation Security Email Exchange solution, fully integrated with Email Firewall, Anti-malware and Anti-spam technologies, offering high protection, maximum performance and flexible deployment. Firewall Service

The Solution

CIPHER’s SMX (Secure eMail eXchange) as a Service leverages BLOCKBIT SMX, the latest technology in secure email gateway. BLOCKBIT SMX is an email firewall system, a complete secure email gateway, and has all the features of an email server. The email firewall allows you to create thousands of conditions to determine if a message can be delivered to or sent by your company.  It also has an Anti-Spam feature with heuristic analysis, a built-in Antivirus, a sophisticated Anti-Phishing and an advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capability. CIPHER’S SMX as a Service also includes the implementation of features such as email firewall, email encryption, UIS (Unique Instance Storage), Webmail and more. Firewall Service


Best-In-Class Solution

Get a secure managed e-mail solution with CIPHER’s exceptional services powered by BLOCKBIT.

Cost efficient

Automate the management of your e-mail security while lowering IT resources costs with our complete solution.

Around-the-clock protection

We monitor and manage using our 24x7x365 certified Security Operations Centers.

threats defended per month

managed security assets

events monitored per day

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