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> Red Team Services (RTS)

Cipher Red Team Services (RTS) performs deep, high-quality and tailored security assessments using dozens of proprietary systems and algorithms supported by large scale analysis of advanced threats using a dynamic, robust database of malicious codes.


We integrate deep research into our services, from the invention of innovative technology to the creation of custom-made malware and exploits to maximize our assessment capabilities.
Cipher performs a full assessment of your security environment to find any existing holes and to eliminate the most serious vulnerabilities from the most valuable assets. We help you on both short-term remediation and long-term strategic planning.
Our methodologies and processes bring a deep and broad industry expertise from over two decades of cybersecurity experience to help you mitigate your risk while minimizing your investments to build a solid security posture. We work as part of your internal security team, adjusting our services to fit your needs.

Cipher Red Team Services include:

Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking Tests

Cipher effectively emulates sophisticated attack scenarios performed by our team of experienced ethical hackers proficient in the most advanced techniques utilized by attackers.

At the end of the projects you receive an actionable report on the findings, exploitation results and recommendations.

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Vulnerability Assessment

Cipher performs accurate internal and external assessments, authenticated and non-authenticated, across network devices, servers, endpoints, web applications and databases, either on premise or in a cloud environment, to help you manage your risk and improve your security posture.

Intelligence is a tool to support decision-making. The intelligence must be meaningful. Artificial Intelligence helps put meaning to the data.

Forensic Analysis

Cipher digital forensics investigators use various methodologies to pursue data forensics, such as decryption, advanced system searches, reverse engineering, and other data analyses to determine the root cause and impact of an incident.

Our experts preserve the evidences utilizing industry best practices and chain of custody.

Application Security Testing and Code Review

Cipher analyzes your software security from secure coding and best practices to existing vulnerabilities.

Application Security Testing (AST) can include any type of applications from mobile apps to web based or standalone, or any other situations where proper code practices are critical.

Advanced Cybersecurity Training

Cipher has a team of subject-matter experts to make sure your employees are aware of the latest security trends.

Cipher can provide cybersecurity training tailored to your needs and audience, from security awareness to software security development.