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Essential Guide to the GDPR

We dive into the core areas of discussion for GDPR, how it relates to your cyber security strategy, and how you can prepare for its arrival in 2018.


Build vs Buy: Your Security Operations Center

This whitepaper provides a detailed breakdown of costs and other factors in building versus buying your SOC as a service.


Ransomware: An Overview & How To Protect Your Business

Ransomware is gaining attention around the world for its costly impact to businesses. In this whitepaper, CIPHER explains the various types of ransomware and steps you can take to protect your business.


Everything You Need to Know About Phishing

Cyber criminals continue to succeed in using phishing schemes and attacks on businesses and individuals. This whitepaper explores the various types of phishing schemes and strategies to mitigate those schemes.


2017 Cybersecurity Trends

In this whitepaper, CIPHER leverages its experience in serving and protecting hundreds of companies worldwide to identify the top cybersecurity trends of 2017.

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