Managed Security


> Managed Security Services (MSS)

Cipher Managed Security Services (MSS) deliver a diversified portfolio of 24/7 SOC services to meet the demands of a wide range of organizations through a tailor-made approach working with client provided legacy technologies as well as Cipher provided technologies.


Get a team of seasoned security experts working for you at a fraction of the cost of building your own security team in-house. Cipher deploys 24x7x365 intelligence-driven security services that focus on maximizing resource efficiency and minimizing response time. Cipher approach to MSS is designed to serve as an extension of your operations, not a one size fits all approach.
Cipher applies rigorously proven processes and technologies to minimize both false-positives and false-negatives, and to improve responsiveness to rapidly contain cyber attacks. Automated analysis based on powerful asset-based assessments to monitor your compliance level for regulatory purposes such as PCI, GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, FISMA.
Our best-in-class intelligence laboratories – Cipher Labs – constantly conduct advanced threat and cyber attack analyses feeding intelligence into our technologies and services. In addition, we give our clients total visibility and transparency of all activities through Cipher Portal, a single window into your entire cybersecurity estate.

Cipher Managed Security Services include:

Cybersecurity Monitoring

Cipher SIEM and log management services collect, correlate, analyze and store security events from networks, hosts and critical applications.

Highly skilled certified security experts working from our 24/7 SOC identify any malicious activity, investigate and immediately respond to threats in real time.
Managed Security Services - Threat Intelligence

Incident Management & Cyber Defense:

Cipher performs a range of activities from host and network forensic analysis across all platforms to malware reverse engineering.

Cipher can determine the attack vector, establish a timeline of activity, and identify the extent of the compromise, providing rapid containment and eradication of attacks.

Security Asset Management

Cipher provides continuous enhancement for your infrastructure to keep up to date with the latest patches, network configuration changes and security policies.

You receive unmetered remediation assistance and security consultation round-the-clock from our certified security experts.
Managed Security Services - Situational Awareness

Vulnerability & Compliance Management

Cipher leverages automated technologies combined with seasoned security experts to perform continuous internal and external scans across your entire estate such as network devices, servers, endpoints, web applications and databases, minimizing your risk exposure and maximizing your security.

Managed Application Security

Cipher can become part of your Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC) ensuring your development practices are in-line with top industry standards.

Cipher can test your systems using dynamic and static approaches and assess every step of your software development process, from coding to maintaining.