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Background on the GDPR

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the biggest transformations to global data privacy law within the past 20 years. Businesses and organizations will prepare for the requirements which will soon be imposed through the enactment of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) before 25 May 2018.

Companies and public governments will need to comply with GDPR if you process personal data in the context of selling products or services to citizens in EU countries as well the UK. If your company operates outside the EU but offers products and services or even monitors the behavior of EU data subjects you will need to comply with GDPR.

GDPR requires that organisations continuously protect EU data subjects and their privacy using a holistic combination of people, processes, and technology. A comprehensive governance strategy and the right security technologies are ideal for maintaining GDPR compliance.

Our GDPR Consulting Services

CIPHER Security provides an array of GDPR assessment and consulting services to help customers gain a holistic view of their state of compliance towards the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) and assess their readiness towards the GDPR.

Awareness Workshop: CIPHER provides consultative awareness workshops designed to give you a better understanding of data privacy and how GDPR will impact your organisation.

Data Discovery: CIPHER provides a consultant led data discovery exercise across your organisation to produce an extensive and up to date register of your organisation’s data processing activities. CIPHER’s data discovery service provides overall visualisation of the organisational data lifecycle in its entirety.

Health Check: CIPHER is committed to helping organizations better prepare for compliance with the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation, and any future updates to the regulation as released. We will assess your data privacy risks and measure your privacy controls against the GDPR.

Privacy Impact Assessment: CIPHER provides experienced consultants to assist in establishing the appropriate policies, procedures and systems to enable ‘privacy by design’. CIPHER will perform PIA’s to help your organisation integrate privacy by design into project lifecycles.

Managed GDPR Services: CIPHER offers 24x7x365 breach monitoring, detection, and alerting through its highly accredited global Security Operations Centers.

CIPHER, a global security consultancy and MSSP, arms you with customized governance strategies and cutting-edge security technologies to speed up your GDPR readiness.


Our certified security consultants and analysts help you build a solid foundation for your GDPR initiatives.


Best practices

We provide a detailed evaluation of your security systems, processes and goals, which are based on proven industry best practices.

Actionable Plans

We work with your organization to develop an actionable plan for optimizing IT resources and ensuring your organization meets compliance standards.

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