> Cybersecurity for Logistics Companies

Cipher provides cybersecurity solutions to companies that are part of the global supply chain.


Global logistics make the economy work. Cargo ships sail the open seas with thousands of shipping containers. Warehouses full of goods stand ready for incoming and outgoing shipments. Consumers expect lightning-fast delivery and convenience. For this orchestra to work, there must be an efficient transfer of information. Forwarders need to know when their goods are coming to port from warehouse. Warehouse managers need to keep accurate inventory counts.
Supply chain information is transferred through IT networks. These IT networks are vulnerable to attack. In recent years, shipping giant Maersk’s operations were brought to a standstill after a cyber attack. This attack it led to disruption in transport across the entire planet, including delays at the largest ports around the world.
Each link in the supply chain involves trust. You trust that the person you are delivering the goods is honest and will pay what is owed. That trust can be used by hackers to inflict harm. The methods used by threat actors vary, but the result is lost money, data, or time.
Companies that support the supply chain transactions can take steps to prevent attacks. Patching systems can prevent hackers from targeting known vulnerabilities. Networks can be monitored for suspicious activity. Web-based tracking systems can be protected with firewalls. Cipher can help logistics companies by implementing and managing all varieties of cyber protection. Being proactive, rather than reactive in cybersecurity can help companies succeed.


Cipher helps logistics companies:

Exchange Information with Partners Safely

Cipher helps logistics companies safely transfer information to facilitate trade.

Phone calls, faxes, printed out documents, and face-to-face communication used to be how supply chain partners exchanged information. The digitization of the supply chain has taken place. Now email, APIs, and software provide the coordination and communication to make the goods flow. Each connection in this supply chain is vulnerable to getting hacked.
Business email compromise can occur and the person you think is your partner is actually a hacker. Work with Cipher to ensure your communication channels are secure.

Secure Your Cloud Software

Cipher helps companies in the supply chain ensure their Cloud-connected systems are secure.

Companies in the supply chain rely on a range of software to get the job done. Logistics companies use software to manage warehouse inventory, customs compliance, shipments, rate management, and other parts of the supply chain. There are massive amounts of configuration settings and variables at play when it standing up a web-facing or Cloud application. If a setting is off, unauthorized access and data breaches can happen. Cipher can bring forth the technology to detect and stop data breaches and other hacks from happening.

Stay on Schedule

Cipher understands that time is of the essence in the supply chain and is committed to keeping systems up-and-running.

Ransomware and other malware can bring operations to a standstill. When the shipment documents are not printing, money is not being made. Customers are screaming on the phone. Work with Cipher to reduce the risk of getting knocked out of commission by hackers. Goods in transport can be subject to fees. The goods themselves might even expire if they are perishable. Your schedule can be kept by working with Cipher. Make sure your information and IT systems are secure and avoid downtimes and customer frustration.

Keep Personal Information Safe

Cipher ensures logistics companies are properly handling the personal data of stakeholders.

Logistics companies move goods to and from people all around the world. Many countries require personal data to be handled in a secure way. When logistics companies manage the personal data of the citizens of these countries, they are responsible. In Europe, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can levy enormous fines against companies if the data of European citizens is not handled properly. Cipher can work with you to make sure this does not happen.

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