> Cybersecurity for Healthcare

Cipher protects hospitals and medical companies with valuable patient data and critical equipment.


Healthcare companies of all sizes are sitting on an enormous amount of patient data. Credit card data, social security numbers, birth date, and confidential patient health data are all entrusted to these organization. That data is constantly at risk for being exploited by cyber criminals who use the data as leverage in ransomware attacks or execute other fraud with the stolen data.
The computers and IT environment are also at risk. An infected endpoint impacts the ability of a healthcare organizations to function. Furthermore, there are unique elements to healthcare that are important to consider.
Healthcare facilities use many medical devices that are connected to the Internet to help patients. These devices are often more cumbersome to patch. The companies that created the devices might not be releasing updates on a regular basis.

Criminals can target these organization using their suite of tactics. Malware can get into systems via phishing or other vulnerabilities. The criminals can infect computers with ransomware, threatening not just data or company reputation, but also the lives of patients. The statistics regarding the impact of these attacks are startling. The HIPAA Journal reports that 1,531,855 records were breached in February 2020 alone. The cost of these data breaches is on average $408 per record. This cost includes fines and remediation efforts. Work with Cipher to ensure you do not incur these costs and suffer the damage from cyberattack.

Cipher helps healthcare companies with:

IT, OT, IoHT Asset Inventories

Cipher helps healthcare companies create asset inventories in order to understand where they stand.


Identifying the Internet-connected assets in your organization is the first step towards security. An inventory of what hardware and software assets you have in your network and physical infrastructure will help you gain a greater understanding of your organization’s security posture. In medical facilities, the assets to inventory will include medical devices that are connected to the Internet, known as Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT). Facilities also have Operational Technology (OT) like lighting, climate control and other areas that they must account for.

Managing Endpoint Protection for Healthcare

Cipher helps healthcare organizations defend their endpoints against attacks by criminal hackers.

Sensitive documents are constantly shared in and outside a hospital or medical facility. Your desktops and laptops can become a major gateway for breaches if they are left un-secured. A comprehensive endpoint protection solution will use encryption to prevent data loss and leakage, enforce unified data protection policies across all your servers, networks, and endpoints, thereby reducing the risk of a data breach. Monitoring the alerts and notices from endpoints and other areas can be accomplished working with a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), who can ensure 24×7 protection.

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Vulnerability Management

Cipher helps healthcare organizations manage and resolve vulnerabilities in their software and systems.

Patching vulnerabilities in your software and systems is a cornerstone for cybersecurity. Hackers take advantage of known vulnerabilities and zero days to attack healthcare companies with ransomware, execute data breaches and perform other malcious activity. The time between a vulnerability being announced and discovering your software is vulnerable is key. With Cipher, you can obtain the the capability to quickly get notice that your software is vulnerable and patch or go through efforts to respond.

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Maintaining Compliance

Cipher helps companies maintain HIPAA compliance by regularly checking systems.

Completing regular security audits to identify gaps in compliance or governance will validate your security posture. Testing the network with a penetration test can further validate security. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires organizations to have processes and safeguards in place to ensure patient data is kept secure. Failing to secure this data can have serious consequences in terms of patient data being misused and fines that result. Work with Cipher to make sure your organization is secure.

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