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Cipher provides cybersecurity solutions to companies that facilitate legal gambling, betting and other services intended for adults.


Gambling and entertainment companies help people unwind and enjoy a bit of risk-taking. Company-owners need to make sure their marketing, content, and user-experience are all on-point to generate revenue. There are risks however, threat actors are targeting companies with cyberattacks that can directly destroy their business. Online gambling and betting in particular face enhanced risk, as 100% of their activity happens online.
Americans spend nearly $60 billion each year on online gambling and sports betting. In Europe, gambling is an even larger money-maker. Many countries in Europe, like the United Kingdom, have completely legalized gambling. 
It is illegal for a United States-based company to operate an online gambling site. However, sports betting online is allowed in some states. In addition, the difference between gambling, sports betting, and fantasy sports is constantly being debated in courts.


Companies in other industries that cater to adults are also under attack by threat actors. Online websites and products geared towards an adult market are unique in that they require a degree of discretion of confidentiality while working with partners and employees. This can mean that they might not have the internal or external resources to secure their website and digital environment. Cipher supports companies to ensure their websites and IT infrastructure are secure.

Cipher helps gambling and entertainment companies:

Keep Hackers from Stealing Money

Cipher understands how high volumes of money can be secured from a cyber perspective.

Successful companies in gambling and other adult-focused industries have a high volume of money going in and out. Attackers use business email compromise and other tactics to attempt to steal this money. Typically, an attack targets specific employee roles within an organization by sending spoofed emails that fraudulently represent a senior colleague or a trusted customer. The email will issue instructions, such as approving payments or releasing client data. Cipher understands what tactics cyber criminals use to steal money and how to stop them.

Protect Your Website

Cipher will ensure your website is safe from the myriad of ways hackers can attack companies.

The website is the front-page for gambling and other online entertainment companies geared towards adults. Attacks like SQL injection and cross-site scripting can knock off your money-maker. Cipher can bring Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and other solutions to bear in order to protect your website. A WAF monitors the traffic that comes in for threats. In addition, Cipher can help make sure your website and supporting infrastructure is correctly configured and patched with the latest software. Monitoring traffic, updating software, ensuring configurations are correct, and conducting regular audits keep website live.


Stop Data Breaches

Cipher can protect your company from data breaches, which can destroy trust and result in fines.

Data breaches can destroy companies and their customers. For businesses that operate in industries where the clientele might seek to remain anonymous, the need for privacy is paramount. People’s credit and reputation can be harmed. Threat actors could use the information for phishing attacks or other malicious activity. Ransomware can infect companies and the threat actor could release data unless money is paid. If a company suffers a data breach, there could be fines and legal trouble. This will contribute to the damage to customers’ trust and reputation. Work with Cipher to setup the system to stop breaches.

Maintain PCI Compliance

Cipher is a top tier Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV).

There are more than 250 types of PCI requirements. These are in place to protect the vital credit card information of your customers. That information is the treasure that hackers are after. With the data, they commit fraud and cause damage. Ensuring you are compliant with PCI is a critical step towards making sure your customer card data is secure. Cipher works with companies in gambling and other adult-focused industries to audit the requirements, perform scans, and satisfy PCI compliance.

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Secure Cryptocurrency

Cipher and Prosegur help companies with innovative crypto storage technology.

Online gambling and entertainment often involve emerging cryptocurrencies. Companies sometimes accept these as payment or have a strategy to hold them. Cipher is the cybersecurity division of Prosegur. Prosegur Crypto has a unique solution for storing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Keeping your digital currency protected is an unique offering to preserve your assets security. Combining Prosegur Crypto with Cipher’s cybersecurity prowess can make sure your traditional and cutting-edge currency is secure.

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