> Cybersecurity for Energy Companies and Utilities

Cipher provides cybersecurity solutions to companies that are part of the energy sector, including utilities, producers, and the many specialized companies that make the industry function.

The energy industry powers the world. The sector includes the companies that explore and develop oil or gas reserves and then refining. Power utilities that serve consumers are also in the industry. As renewable and alternative energy grows, those companies are also powerful. The organizations in the industry face similar cybersecurity challenges, including ransomware, data breaches, and malware.

The United States government is taking a more active role in the cybersecurity of these critical sectors. The energy sector is one of the sectors designated by Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) as critical. The Department of Energy (DOE) also has a variety of efforts in place to help ensure cybersecurity attacks do not disrupt energy production.

The companies in the sector have the responsibility for ensuring other sectors are equipped with the power required to complete their missions. This interdependence makes energy especially important. If a company in the energy sector is taken down by a cyber-attack, the impact is going to be felt by individual consumers and other businesses.

The importance of cybersecurity was illustrated when Colonial Pipeline fell victim to a ransomware attack. The attack appears to have started with a phishing email. Next in the attack chain was a ransomware infection. This situation resulted in panic for many in the southern states and gas station outages.

Cipher helps companies in the energy sector:

Assess Your Readiness Using Popular Methodologies

Cipher has expertise in the frameworks used to stay secure, such as C2M2 and NIST.

Using a tried and trusted methodology to benchmark and understand your current readiness is often the first step towards cybersecurity. The DOE employs the Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Model (C2M2) to structure cybersecurity. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has its own framework that is popular. Both frameworks break up things into categories like identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover. Cipher works with companies to assess their readiness using these models, provide an action plan to improve and work hand-in-hand with organizations to help them succeed.

Defend Against Ransomware

Cipher can bring the best tools and services to bear to help prevent ransomware and other malware.

The technique of choice for modern criminal hackers is ransomware. In these attacks, the malware payload is delivered through different methods, usually email, and then lock down the systems. The hackers threaten to release the stolen code if a ransom was not made. Even if there was a backup of the encrypted systems, a data breach can do significant damage. Cipher knows how to reduce the risk of this threat at each stage of the attack chain, from user training to Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) software. Monitoring the alerts and notices from endpoints and other areas can be accomplished by working with a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), who can ensure 24×7 protection.

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Maintain Both Physical and Digital Security

Cipher is the Cybersecurity Division of Prosegur, which provides physical security, risk management, video monitoring, and other services to secure your whole company.

The physical and digital worlds are intertwined. A single provider can secure both. Facilities in the energy sector can be massive. Prosegur provides comprehensive risk management and security services. Cameras can monitor the facility for risk. Access control systems can ensure the right people have the right access. The benefits of working with one provider for both physical and cyber security are numerous. Sharing threat intelligence between the physical and digital sides gives leaders increased insights to make the right decisions.

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Protect Intellectual Property and Data

Cipher understands how important proprietary technology and data are for the energy industry.

The top energy companies rely on different technology to operate. Having a new solar panel or other innovation that allows for companies to operate more efficiently or produce more energy are huge differentiators. This intellectual property in the energy industry is a prize for adversaries or competitors aimed at getting a shortcut to new advanced. Cipher’s holistic cybersecurity services ensure the pieces are in place to keep valuable systems and information are safe. Establishing guidelines and safeguards for access by internal employees is important. Putting systems and processes in place to stop external hacks is vital.