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> Cyber Intelligence Services (CIS)

Cipher Cyber Intelligence Services (CIS) are designed to enable you to control and protect your exposure to the digital world.


Starting from a set of identification data items, such as brands, names, IPs, DNS domains, etc., data is gathered, correlated and transformed into information, which in its turn is analyzed and transformed into intelligence. This intelligence is the actionable asset you need to take you digital security to the next level. In our vision, the control and protection of this exposure must involve at least three approaches.
Cipher uses a combination of market leading technologies and proprietary tools to discover and gather all relevant information. We embrace a significant diversity of sources, from the three corners of the web (surface web, deep web, dark web), Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and social networks, to some Cipher internally built sources based on various systems such as honeypots or sinkholes.
Cipher undertakes continuous monitoring based on topics, subjects or keywords you have selected. The service continually scans to detect data breaches that are directly or indirectly related to your scope of operation. A proper identification of such breaches will help you act earlier and faster. It will also allow you to learn valuable lessons to improve your security posture and also – most importantly – contain and react to any negative data breach impacts.

Cipher Cyber Intelligence Services include:

Cyber Surveillance

Cipher continually monitors content to give you warning of a data breach or data leak.

Your company’s brand is a very important asset so you must protect it from attempts to counterfeit, phishing using your company name, cybersquatting, being co-opted in rogue applications or in websites built to do harm.

Threat Intelligence

Cipher’s threat intelligence service provides collection and analysis of intelligence regarding current threats and on-going attacks against an organization.

Intelligence is a tool to support decision-making. The intelligence must be meaningful. Artificial Intelligence helps put meaning to the data.

Situational Awareness

Cipher monitors your overall risk with a holistic risk management system approach.

Cipher is the only provider in the world really capable of providing this complete picture of your risk profile, from physical threat intelligence to cyber intelligence. Using this 360° knowledge you can make the best decisions and protect your company.

Attack Surface Management

Attack Surface Management – Involves identifying, monitoring, and reducing potential exposure points that could be exploited by attackers. It includes discovering all entry points, assessing risks, and provide recommendations to reduce your attack surface and stay vigilant with cyber intelligence.

Cipher effectively manages your external attack surface, providing you awareness of what is out there about your company and employees, increasing your security posture and helping protect against cyber threats.