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What is Cipher Labs ?


Cipher Labs is our highly qualified and technology-driven R&D laboratory based in multiple countries that performs deep and continuous research using proprietary systems and algorithms. The lab allows large scale analysis for advanced threats from a dynamic, robust database of malicious codes.
We integrate this research real-time into our services, from the invention of innovative technology to the creation of threat intelligence feeds. Cipher invests millions of dollars every year to support the detection and analyses of vulnerabilities, advanced malware and persistent threats, allowing organizations to effectively mitigate risk and defend against sophisticated attacks.

Cipher Labs activities include:


Knowledge is power. Cipher conducts intelligence gathering from different channels to empower our customers to make the best decisions. The intelligence data is analyzed. Indicators of compromise (IoC) are cataloged. The lab continuously investigates the latest tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) related to attacks and threat actors. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
Cipher Labs analyze new attack methods and trends from real cyber attack data. We look at what the criminals are doing and why they are doing it. Research done by Cipher Labs contributes to the success of our RTS engagements such as penetration testing, as well as enhancing the detection capabilities of our MSS and MDR solutions, protecting our customers against the latest threats including zero-day attacks.
Cipher develops and uses proprietary technologies and also leading market tools to automate our processes, generating efficient and scalable cybersecurity intelligence and solutions. We create technologies for workforce automation through Artificial intelligence (AI), and also invest to create our next-generation technologies to be used by our business units, heavily supporting our MDR, MSS and CIS solutions.

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Nós da Cipher criamos para você uma agenda exclusiva de webinar quinzenal que poderá te auxiliar na definição das melhores práticas de cibersegurança.

Confira a agenda com o próximo tema:

Como as ferramentas de segurança conseguem ajudar as empresas estarem em compliance com a LGPD?

Neste webinar, iremos falar sobre a proteção das informações PII no ambiente integrando outras tecnologias como DAM, SIEM e como saber onde estão as informações que precisam ser protegidas.

Apresentação: Wesney Bolzan - SI and Integration Director.

10h às 10h45

Inscreva-se: bit.ly/35Fok1f
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