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Results of Survey on Healthcare Cybersecurity

Cipher has conducted a survey of IT and cybersecurity leaders at different healthcare organizations. We present the results of the survey in the video below. Contact Cipher if you are interested in enhancing your healthcare organization’s cybersecurity.


Video Transcript

Greetings my name is Bill Bowman. I’m the director of marketing for Cipher in North America. I’m here to announce the results of a survey we conducted on healthcare cybersecurity leaders.

Cyber criminals are using different techniques to harm organizations in healthcare. The hackers profit from these attacks by getting ransomware payments, selling breached information, and using other methods.

So let’s get straight to the results. The respondents came from a variety of organizations. Employees at hospitals accounted for nearly 40 percent of the respondents. The impact of cyber attacks is huge.

The HIPAA Journal reports that over 1,500,000 records were reached in just one month last year. The cost of these data breaches is on average $408 per record.

For the respondents in the survey, they saw data breaches, phishing, malware, ransomware, bots, and insider threats as the top threats to their organization.

These are all interrelated threats in cyber security, but it makes sense that data breaches comes out on top, considering the vast amounts of personal information health care organizations are responsible for and the HIPAA rules that seek to safeguard them.

Stopping these threats requires the whole organization to have a strong will towards prevention. Overall the respondents felt their organizations thought cyber security was extremely important. On a scale of 1 to 10, respondents rated the importance of cybersecurity at their organization at 8.4.

Healthcare organizations can improve cybersecurity by staying updated on current events and new techniques. The top sources of information for respondents were their own organizations and industry websites. Podcasts were also a popular source of information

To combat these threats, the companies employ a number of innovative solutions. Nearly 90 percent of the participants said their companies employ a firewall and antivirus solution. Other technologies also had some adoption.

If you are looking to enhance the cybersecurity posture at your healthcare organization, Cipher can help. Learn more at

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