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Cipher’s MDR Solution Gets Rave Reviews

Cipher’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution is known as CipherBox. An MDR service is designed to augment the existing capabilities and budgets of an organization to protect its business.

When repetitive assessment, discovery & threat detection are outsourced to a service provider, your company’s time is saved. This makes it possible to use your security teams more strategically and effectively, minimizing time spent on triage and analysis.


Core Elements Strengthened

The elements of an MDR provide a core layer of protection for an organization. Cipher’s MDR solution include:

Log Management: Correlate and analyze security event data from across your network and respond. CipherBox matches events from different systems within a computer network that combines and compares security relevant data. This data is analyzed for patterns of behavior that may not be detected by individual devices, providing you a holistic detection and alerting capability to quickly identify security risks within your network.

Threat Intelligence: Threat Intelligence is integrated, typically into the SIEM, that transforms the service such that it can provide actionable intelligence from reported threats. The intelligence a vendor uses might be proprietary, third party, or based on publicly available sources. Often, the intelligence sources are a combination of two or three of these sources.

Vulnerability Management: Deployment of a security tool that identifies vulnerabilities within your network by comparing your installed software with a database of known vulnerabilities and reporting to you for efficient patching, configuration changes, or recommendations for mitigating risk through other measures.

Endpoint Detection & Response: Security software that is deployed to critical systems that is designed to centralize and automate alerting and threat hunting on endpoints across your cloud and on-premises environments.

Personalized Support: An MDR offering is a service and not a software. As a result, the personal service of expert cybersecurity practitioners is key. This white-glove treatment gives clients peace of mind that a trusted partner has their backs.


Rave Reviews

The enhancements to the MDR solution is driving users to comment on popular review sites Capterra and Gartner Digital Markets. One reviewer commented:

“It has been excellent. We have been able to clock attacks more easily. We have a better and more robust incident response plan linked with CipherBox. We’ve been able to prevent data breaches and to also safeguard against ransomware attacks thus far.”

Another person rated and reviewed the solution very favorably:

“It has helped us to provide economies of scale and helped to provide a complete solution to our requirements to safeguard our systems. It has helped us to identify threats more easily and to take proactive active. We are able to protect better against malware, phishing and other type of attacks.”


Get Started

The Cipher team is available to see if the solution is a fit for your unique environment. We offer a Free Trial for qualified organizations. Get started by sharing information about your unique organization and cyber security goals at

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