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Make Cybersecurity Your Employees’ New Year’s Resolution

Has your organization taken the necessary steps to improve its cybersecurity posture for the New Year?

Here are 6 strategies you can deploy throughout your company to strengthen its security for the rest of the year – and beyond.

1) Introduce training in the on-boarding process – and repeat once a quarter.

A common mistake that companies make is only requiring employees to complete one security training session when they begin working. Regular training throughout the year is imperative to ensure that employees are consistently being aware of possible cyber-attacks. Interns, to mid-level managers, to senior executives should all be taking part in these trainings.

2) Reward employees for safe and secure online practices.

There’s no better way to encourage your employees to make security a priority than an incentive. If they are being rewarded and acknowledged, that will not only increase their motivation but motivate colleagues as well. You can even select a “security expert” from each department in your company that others can come to if they have any questions or concerns.

3) Use technology tools to provide your organization’s safety net – don’t rely on employees alone.

Keeping your employees up to date on the latest and greatest security practices can be helpful but it can only go so far. You must also utilize tools that will aid in minimizing the opportunity for human error. At Cipher, we provide a variety of services to help your organization stay on top of your cybersecurity, from Managed Security Services to Managed Detection & Response.

4) Employ outside resources including games and online courses to motivate employees.

Another way to keep employees engaged in your company’s security practices is to take advantage of outside resources such as educational programs, online courses, seminars, events, and workshops held by professionals. Simulation games like PwC’s Game of Threats are also a fun way that aid in enhancing your employees’ security expertise.

5) Ensure the message in sinking in by simulating phishing scenarios.

Want to make sure that your employees are as knowledgeable as they seem? Plan an unexpected simulated attack on your company. This will allow you to see how employees would react to a real-life phishing scenario and help you to pinpoint those who will need to receive more training on security awareness.

6) Prepare for increased ransomware, crypto-mining, and IoT attacks in 2020.

Your organization needs to be prepared when it comes to new and emerging ransomware in the coming year. As technologies evolve and improve in order to protect businesses, cyber-criminals are also evolving and coming up with new ways to perform cyber-attacks that will go undetected. Share updates on the latest threats on a regular basis to keep everyone informed. Cipher can help your business detect these threats in real time with our 24/7 monitoring.

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