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[Infographic] Cost of Data Breaches and How to Prevent Them

The cost of data breaches is not only a hefty financial impact but can also lead to negative brand reputation. Most recently, the Equifax breach exposed 143 million customer records, and other major breaches come to mind from years past (LinkedIn, Adobe, Dropbox, and more.) Cybercrime continues to grow yet organizations still struggle with the steps to prevent and adequately respond to security incidents.

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We put together this infographic on the global average for 2017 data breaches according to the Ponemon Institute to highlight the probabilities of a data breach today, the top industries affected, the top causes of data breaches, and the steps organizations can take to prevent them.

Check out our blog on the ‘5 Effective Ways to Prevent a Data Breach‘ if you want a deep dive into the steps to prevent a breach.


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