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The Convergence of Physical and Digital Risk Management

The physical and digital worlds are intertwined. A single provider can secure and manage the risk in both. Our new whitepaper will go into the concepts surrounding security, threats, and risk. The paper will look at examples of past incidents, the benefits of close collaboration in physical and information security, and how Prosegur and Cipher deliver on these benefits and reduce risk.

“Risk and risk management are very much part of what keeps CEOs and the Board of Directors awake at night. In the 21st century, risks can come from many different sources. Risk can originate from internal sources or externally from a spectrum of threats, such as organized crime and hackers. Technology, virtualization, globalization and the mobile work force have made all of the assets of the enterprise more accessible to bad actors,” said Prosegur Global Risk Services CEO Robert Dodge.

Enterprises that take a converged approach to mitigate risk reap a wide range of benefits. There is better alignment of security strategy, enhanced communication, and more sharing of best-practices. Cooperation between physical and cybersecurity teams enables security staff to become more well-rounded and gain more visibility and influence with the c-suite and board.

Get the full guide and start managing risk holistically.

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