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Cipher Podcast: Cybersecurity Challenges for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Listen to Cipher Global Chief Technology Officer Francisco Rente discuss the challenges related to securing the Internet of Things. He covers why these devices are particularly important to secure, yet are often overlooked. Overlooking security of IoT devices can lead to them being compromised. Hacked devices means damage to companies in the form of data breaches, usability and worse.

The examples that Rente pointed to included the Mirai Botnet and a situation that led to an Austrian hotel’s locks being hacked. In addition, we covered how YellowBox can secure IoT devices in a rapid and comprehensive fashion. Cipher Global Chief Security Officer Scott Croskey talked about other new developments to secure IoT devices with new intelligence initiatives.

Another exciting initiative is Prosegur’s COME IN Challenge. The challenge is for start-ups with new ideas related to IoT security. Interested companies are asked “how can we better establish trust with IoT devices and thus ensure the security of our network?”


Visit the podcast page for all episodes or listen on the platforms below.

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