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Benefits of AI and Machine Learning Security

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning may be the next big bet in information security. The logic behind artificial intelligence is still a slightly distorted subject. Some people argue that the algorithms used in antivirus software to recognize potential threats are artificially intelligent. But, it’s much more than that! 

While cognitive advances are clearly uncovered in numerous industries, in the field of information security we still need a lot of help as we have several challenges in the future.

The exciting and promising market for Machine Learning security is now. But, Data Scientists are in high demand and difficult to find. Universities fail to meet a growing demand, partly driven by the increasing search for classifying and making sense of information from terabytes of data.

The advantages of Machine Learning in security can help us in areas such as Anti-malware, Dynamic Risk Analysis, and anomaly detection. We know that we still have deficiencies in the automation, speed, and accuracy (decision-making) of these technologies that will continuous require work.

In 2015, there were 431 million new malware. The eruption of machine learning is also now applied in the construction of ransomware and malware by malicious hackers. On the other hand, companies like Symantec and Intel McAfee have been using Machine Learning security to analyze and classify malware.

Companies focused on the techniques of AI and Machine Learning in information security have gained more and more notoriety in highly profitable sectors. Proof of this are the cash contributions made by some U.S. investment funds.

We can safely say that the main benefit of both Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is that they both have the ability to reduce the complexity of the analysis performed by humans.

Oldair Barbosa is a Security Specialist in the GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) area of CIPHER.

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