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5 Reasons We’re Thankful for Our Security Consultants

Thanksgiving is just a few days away – hooray for turkey, dressing, and loved ones! We have a lot to be thankful for here at CIPHER. Maybe you do as well. Perhaps you’re grateful for meeting compliance and regulations requirements  like the GDPR or PCI DSS or possibly this year brought a new level of maturity to your security operations. Here at CIPHER, we’re thankful for our global team of more than 150+ security experts that help our clients across a broad spectrum of security projects and initiatives.

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We’d like to share five reasons we’re thankful for our global team of security consultants.


1. Our Security Consultants Save Our Clients Money

We hear about disruptive cyber attacks almost monthly now. Unfortunately, it’s become not “if” but “when” these disruptive attacks will occur. Our security consultants are great at handling these incidents when they do happen but also preparing organizations to lessen the effects of cyber attacks. Our security experts help prepare with proper security policies, Business Continuity Plans (BCP), Disaster Recovery Plans, and Incident Response (IR) Plans. Our clients are prepared to mitigate these risks “when” they do inevitably happen to decrease their Mean Time to Identify and Respond.

2. Our Security Consultants Minimize Your Threat Vulnerabilities

Many of our customers need to understand where the gaps exist within their IT environment. Therefore, our security consultants offer some of the most comprehensive vulnerability assessments, pentesting, and ethical hacking capabilities that suit each customer’s needs and requirements.

Our vulnerability assessments are backed by PCI ASV certified security consultants that can fully evaluate the critical areas of your network, applications, servers, databases, and other IT assets to come up with a roadmap for compliance. Most importantly, when our customers are faced with a slew of vulnerabilities, our security consultants come in and prioritize each based on risk and create a game plan to remediate these for the organization quickly and effectively.

3. Our Security Consultants Keep You Compliant

On the same note, our skilled security consultants develop winning strategies to overcome challenging regulatory and compliance requirements, including PCI DSS, FFIEC, ISO 27001, SOX, HIPAA and many others.

CIPHER security consultants are knowledgeable across multiple industries and regulatory environments to prepare our clients with thorough recommendations. Our clients save time, headaches, and money by working with knowledgeable security consultants that understand these complex and evolving business risks.

4. Our Security Consultants Keep Your Data Safe

Keeping data safe for organizations and their customers is now more important than ever. Our security consultants bring expertise across a broad spectrum of data protection and loss prevention strategies, including the General Data Protection Regulation, DLP, and Data Forensics.

The European Union’s (EU) GDPR is a landmark piece of data privacy legislation affecting multinational organizations operating in the EU. CIPHER’s GDPR security experts can help organizations ascertain a better understanding of data privacy and how the GDPR will impact the organization in 2018 and beyond.

Another key area security strategy is data loss prevention. Data breaches are reminding all of us how important it is to guard and protect your data from leaks. Our security consultants are well-equipped to handle data across its three domains – data in transit, data at rest, and data in use. Our security consultants devise strategies that protect data at each stage of its journey throughout its use within the organization.

Lastly, our team of security experts may have experienced a data breach and needs to understand how the data was exposed. Our security forensics team has the experience needed to handle a variety of techniques to determine the underlying cause and influence of the security incident to your IT environment.

5. Our Security Consultants Bring Awareness and Training

Security awareness and training is the cornerstone of any properly functioning security program and policy. Without effective Security Awareness Training, employees themselves can easily become an easy threat vector in your enterprise. Therefore, to mitigate the potential risks we mentioned before, you need a comprehensive security awareness and training program that engrains the policy you create and hope to enforce for the organization.

Our security consultants can develop a rigorous and tailored security awareness and training program that mitigates common and advanced security risks. CIPHER security experts help you minimize your investment and build a solid foundation for your strategic security programs. Our security consultants effectively become an extension of your internal security team, adjusting the services to fit your needs exactly.

While you’re enjoying that delicious turkey and dressing, count on professional security consultants like CIPHER to handle the headaches and risks that might be keeping you up the night before Thanksgiving. We hope you have an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday with your family and friends! Best wishes to you and yours.

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