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How to Get a Free Trial of MDR

Managed Detection & Response (MDR) solutions can provide turnkey cybersecurity. Getting a Proof-of-Concept (POC), also known as a Free Trial, can be a good way to get started. Cipher offers a Free 30-Day Trial of CipherBox, which is our MDR offering. The offer is available for eligible companies in the United States and United Kingdom.

An MDR solution quickly provides the technology, skills, and resources to monitor for cybersecurity risk and manage security alerts. It is all provided at a predictable cost that is a fraction of the price of doing it yourself. MDR is a cost reduction and risk removal service. This post will show the general steps of bringing an MDR solution into your IT environment.

1.Meet the Team

See the benefits of concierge-style service first-hand. The personal touch is what sets solution providers apart. With Cipher, a customer is not just a number or tech stack; they are our partners. During the trial and beyond, you will work with a dedicated team to understand, consult and work with you to achieve goals.

2. Plug-in Your Environment

To maximize the benefits of your trial period, the MDR solution must be integrated into your network environment. A few hours of your team’s time working with Cipher to install the service will yield invaluable results!

3. See Results

During the course of the trial, you will find areas to improve the maturity of your cybersecurity program. This is the first step towards building a stronger infrastructure. In most cases, insecure areas in company networks are found and systems that require immediate patching are identified. In the cybersecurity world, this is a big win.

4. Transition to Keep Momentum Going

Don’t turn back the clock when the trial comes to an end. Your team has spent time to secure and better understand your cybersecurity posture. Although no money has been spent, the time and energy put into place is valuable. Keep that value going and transition from the Free Trial to being a full-fledged partner with Cipher.

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