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Prosegur is a global benchmark in the private security sector


With our four business lines – Prosegur Security, Prosegur Cash, Prosegur Alarms and Cipher (Prosegur Cybersecurity) – we provide companies, homes and businesses with trusted security based on the most advanced solutions available on the market.
Our strategy combines organic and inorganic growth, a decided commitment to innovation, a top-class team and, above all, customer-focused organization. All of this has put us in a position of leadership both by geography and by business line.

Global Presence


We have a presence in 26 countries, where the challenge is to provide services with more added value and to occupy an outstanding position in the private security sector in each market.
Therefore, we are looking for solid geographical implementation settled on a business model with proven efficiency. Besides our global conception, we also act locally. We operate according to the particularities of each market, as our sector is highly regulated and varies depending on the legislation in each country.

Prosegur Foundation


The company directs its social action through the Prosegur Foundation, which, with more than 43,200 beneficiaries in 2018, works on four focal points: education, employment inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities, corporate volunteering and cultural development.

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La Seguridad Gestionada será el tema central de nuestro #webinar del 4 de marzo. Os explicaremos en qué consisten los servicios de #MSS y #MDR, cuáles son ... sus diferencias y las ventajas para cada tipo de negocio.
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Enquanto nosso All Associates Meeting acontece no auditório, a Globo/Globonews grava entrevista sobre Segurança no carnaval com nosso diretor Red Team Services Fernando Amatte. #cipheraprosegurcompany #novostemposnovosmovimentos ... See MoreSee Less

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